Monday at Buchanan Cafe

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8/13/15 –

Editor’s note: I visited the “Buke” on Monday, August 10th, because the summer is short and Monday nights are no different than any other for some of us – at least for a few more days.

Get out there and enjoy yourself responsibly, and when you do, share a photo for Bars of Lynn and help promote your city. And for a limited time, there’s possibly something in it for you, too – especially if you’re a Led Zeppelin fan.

A Bars of Lynn Update with your photos will post Friday – and then you have until Monday evening to get any more photos in for the chance to see ZoSo at Lynn Auditorium on August 28th.


I was lured there by the promise of a true “craft” margarita and was not disappointed!


Meet bartenders Andrew Wright and margarita-master Alyssa Rae Webster.


Jen with Alyssa Rae:




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