5 Questions: Megan Nicole

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Megan Nicole

Rising pop star Megan Nicole is bringing her massive talent to Boston. She has garnered more than 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube, recently released her new EP “Escape”, and has a new movie coming out this month.

SD: When you uploaded your first video to YouTube back in 2009, did you ever think that you would become a viral sensation?

MN: Never in a million years! I am just so happy and thankful that there are people out there who connected with my music. I love when I can make a connection with my fans through my music. It truly is a spiritual connection for me.

SD: When it came to singing cover versions of the biggest pop hits, how did you make your selection?

MN: I would choose the songs based on their popularity and how I connected with them. Especially if it was performed by an artist that inspired me.

SD: What is your favorite part about touring?

MN: I love being able to connect with my fans in person. I love when I can sing my songs live for them and with them. For me, it is very special experience that I love sharing with them.

SD: Being new in the music industry, did you have any hesitation about writing your own songs and then releasing your new EP “Escape” on your own label?

MN: Writing my own songs has always been very important to me. It is a very unique and personal experience. I began writing music when I was 15. I was very nervous when I released Escape, but if my songs can connect me with just one person, then I feel as a songwriter I have done my job.

SD: SD: Your movie “Summer Forever” is also coming out soon! What can you tell us about it, and why should your fans go see it?

MN: The movie is inspired by my song “Summer Forever.” It follows three best friends on their last weekend together before leaving for college. It is also a musical. It is super cute and super relatable. It also has 10 new original songs, so if you don’t like the movie you will love the songs. They are all catchy and fun.

For more information on Megan visit www.megannicolemusic.com and to purchase tickets to see her at the Brighton Music Hall on August 27th visit www.ticketmaster.com


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