Recycle Team Wraps Up Door to Door Campaign

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From City Recycling Coordinator Julia Greene and RecyclingWorks in Lynn

Today was the last day this summer for our Recycle Team going door to door, talking about how to trash less, recycling more, and how to recycle right. They had thousands of door knocks, several hundred conversations, almost 300 pledging to recycle right, and over 200 residents who actually changed their behavior for multiple weeks as evidenced week by week with their carts out correctly. Here are our photos of our last day handing out Market Basket reusable shopping bags in appreciation for recycling right and keeping the streets cleaner by properly disposing of trash.






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Here are the names of all the Recycling Team Members.

Ashelyne Babb (Team Leader)
Adnan Adnan
Deborah Lucien
Jordan Nicosia
(Ose) Ikhianosen Ukhuedoba
Nancy Yarpah
Sylvia Yarpah

Barbara Minchello

I have to say that the two girls that came to my house were very knowledgeable and sweet. That answered all my questions and td me were I could find out more info. It was a pleasure to have them at my door. I wish I knew their names so they could get credit where credit is due for doing a great job.