Bars of Lynn Update

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In this edition of Bars of Lynn we’ll show you some pictures…

…and announce that the Lynn License Commission, after hearing testimony last month in favor of trial 2am closing time that included safeguards against our city becoming a last call destination again, and testimony tonight citing safety concerns, data and emotional appeals to keep it at 1am, voted to keep the 1am closing time. The video is processing and will post along with a repeat of the video from last month, so the those in favor and those in opposition can be heard in the same “place.” In the meantime, there’s more information here.

Oh, and there’s one more thing to announce – the winners of tickets to see Zoso, The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience at Lynn Auditorium this Friday! Congratulations to Dana Soucy and George Herrell! Thanks for sharing your photos of positive Lynn nightlife and supporting local businesses.

The sun goes down and it's time to go out on a Saturday night. Here's one of my personal photos, called "Central Square Directed by JJ Abrams" This lens flare is real!

The sun goes down and it’s time to go out on a Saturday night for Bars of Lynn. Here’s one of my personal photos, called “Central Square as Directed by JJ Abrams” It takes a 65 year old lens to get a real lens flare like that.


1st stop – Lazy Dog, one of the sponsors of New Music in the Square

Sheryl and Anthony

Sheryl and Anthony


80’s Reunion Band – Mark Duchane on guitar and Darren Muise on keys. Mark Duchane’s band Guns of Brighton plays New Music in the Square in Central Square Wednesday.

2nd stop, Lynnway Sportscenter. Here's a designated driver with his drinkers .

2nd stop – Lynnway Sportscenter. DJ Jimmy Ice was playing tunes and hosting karaoke. As you can see, laser-pointer-style “club lighting” is bad for photos.

DJ Jimmy Ice (it was a little dark in his corner)

DJ Jimmy Ice (it was a little dark in his corner)

3rd stop - Brickyard, where a band was also doing 80's covers.

3rd stop – Brickyard, where a band was also doing 80’s covers.


…and Larry was serving up drinks


…”Jose, turn around!”


Debra Bragdon has been sending enough photos be crowned the newest “Bars of Lynn Champion.” Here’s Celley’s Sunday Night Jam from August 23rd.


But closely trailing behind are two of the former Bars of Lynn champs Michelle and Lauren, pictured here with Bill and Steve at April’s.

How do you Bars of Lynn? It’s really quite simple:

Help promote a local establishment, be it a bar, restaurant, coffee shop or entertainment venue by posting a photo of you and/or your friends having a great time there to the LynnHappens facebook page with the hashtag #barsoflynn. It may make the next update. Sometimes, there are little prizes.

Check out all the Bars of Lynn posts, here.

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  1. Gail Anderson
    August 25, 2015 at 9:44 pm

    WOW hannah I didn’t realize that Lynn had that many bars and obviously there can’t be any real trouble or they would not be operating. GOOD FOR THEM!!!!

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