Lynn Poet Wins Headlining Spot at Mind Spray

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Shalom, who performs with Wreck Shop Movement and Poet of War, won at a Mind Spray open mic contest in August, which comes with $100 cash, studio time and the headlining slot at the next Mind Spray, September 20th.

You may have seen her performing at August 19th’s New Music in the Square, or on a Wednesday night at Opus in Salem for “Wreck Shop’s Live From the Underground.”

Shalom (center) / Photo by Isaac S. Photography

Mind Spray is a Hip-Hop Showcase / Open Mic at Wonderbar in Allston where “artists are encouraged to perform, network and collaborate.”

Also performing September 20th with Shalom are Tim Nihan and Edo G.

Shalom on soundcloud

Shalom on facebook

Justice Born contributed to this story.

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