Announcing Breakfasts of Lynn

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The next of Lynn series is all about the morning after. We’ll keep Bars of Lynn Updates coming, skip the walks of shame-of Lynn and just go to breakfast, which happens any time from the crack of dawn to *3pm around here.

The first venue eatery to participate is the newly opened BLT’s on Broad Street, downtown.

Meet Christine and Ian Carr, who posed for wedding photos outside.



Here’s some folks who seem happy to have their pictures taken when eating.






This series will work just like any other. Simply email your photos or share them on the LynnHappens facebook page to be included in the next Breakfasts of Lynn Update. Please try to include the names of people featured in the photos and give the photographer credit, too!

Use this link to view all Breakfasts of Lynn posts as they’re added.

One thing Breakfasts of Lynn isn’t:
Just like Bars of Lynn, prices won’t be mentioned, specials won’t be blatantly advertised, etc. There is a way to advertise on LynnHappens, but if you’re a creative breakfast spot owner who wants to submit photos directly, this series can do a fine job promoting your business and the city of Lynn without using traditional ads.

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