Family & Children’s Service of Greater Lynn Celebrates 130th Thursday

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Family & Children’s Service of Greater Lynn Celebrates its 130th Anniversary, Thursday, October 22nd with a tribute to Martin Goldman and James Callahan

Early F&CS building 500 x 360

Family and Children’s Service building around 1900


On Thursday, October 22nd, Family & Children’s Service will honor Martin Goldman and James Callahan as part of their 130th Anniversary Celebration at Oceanview of Nahant beginning at 6:30 p.m.



The event will feature a display of many historical items such as an 1891 Annual Report from Lynn Associated Charities, handwritten notes on the state of common welfare in Lynn, pictures and displays from “The Red Feather Society” – the early precursor to United Way, as well as a video of the history of Lynn and Family & Children’s Service. The public is welcome to the event. More information and tickets can be found at

From 1880 to 1885, the population of Lynn grew 62% to over 45 thousand people. About a fifth of the population was foreign-born, immigrants from Ireland, Russia, Italy, Poland and Greece, coming to find work in the rapidly growing shoe factories for which Lynn had become famous. The rise in population was attended by social problems – unemployment, overcrowding and a scarcity of resources which increased the cost of living, which could not be met with factory wages. Several associations were formed to meet both the economic and social needs of the working class, most notably the Lynn Associated Charities, which marks the beginning of the history of Family & Children’s Service and its long-standing tradition of supporting families.

To reinforce these charities, a group of concerned citizens in Lynn created The Milk & Coal Fund with the desire to help new immigrants with the basic emergency needs of milk for nutrition and coal for warmth. That fund still exists today after several name changes – The Lynn Community Chest in 1926, the United Fund & Council of Lynn sometime in the 1960s, and now the Goldman/Callahan Emergency Financial Assistance Fund, managed by F&CS. Many activists served on the United Fund committee, yet the guidance and tenacity of Martin Goldman and James Callahan was significant enough that their peers renamed the fund in their honor. Mr. Goldman, of Goldman & Goldman in Swampscott, is an attorney in Essex County. Mr. Callahan has retired from a 50-year career at General Electric. Throughout their distinguished careers, both men have worked with passion and perseverance to improve the greater Lynn community.


About Family & Children’s Service: Our mission is to strengthen the life skills of families, children and individuals of all ages in our community. Our goals are to supplement the educational offerings available to preschool children in Lynn; improve parenting skills and reduce familial stress through the provision of parent education and support; support and facilitate the achievement of Lynn youth; promote diversity and foster inclusion in our community; and ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable populations. F&CS provided direct services to over 3500 people in the North Shore in 2014.

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