5 Questions: Tim Lopez of the Plain White T’s

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Tim Lopez has been the lead guitarist with the PWT’s since 2002. He started playing with them right before they become a household name with their huge hit “Hey There Delilah.” There new self-published album “American Nights” was released earlier this year.



SD: It’s been five years since your last album release. What’s the response been for this new album, American Nights?

TL: From our fans, it has been great, but from the general public I don’t think they know we even have a new album out. We are realizing how much work the record labels do for you. We still have a lot to learn from a business aspect.

SD: How do you think the band has evolved over the last five years?

TL: A lot! When I first joined the band 12 years ago it really like it was Tom’s band. We have all been able to work our own music taste in the sound of the band. I believe lyrically, you will be able to hear it to. Over the last few years, we have all grown professionally and personally and it is really being reflected in the music.

SD: American Nights is your first self-financed album. How was the creative process compared to other albums?

TL: Honestly, it felt like the old days. We did not have to answer to any one: record label or producer. We only had to seek approval from each other about what we wanted for this album. It is the truest and purest sense of who we really are as a group. I love the freedom that we have – you have a song idea one day, then you write it and release it to your fans the next day.

D: Do you have a favorite song off the album?

TL: All the songs are great! This album was a real collaboration between all of us. Tom’s song Heavy Rotation is a great song. I love this album because it really represents our freedom as a band. We all had the opportunity to write songs. I wrote four of the songs, so selfishly they are my favorite.

SD: Did you ever think Hey There Delilah would become such a monster hit?

TL: Definitely, not! Tom had that song hidden away for a long time before it was released. It felt too specific and too simple to be a hit. We are very glad that our fans made it a hit early on and placed us on the music map.


For more information on Plain White T’s visit www.plainwhitets.com and to purchase tickets to see them at the Brighton Music Hall on November 2nd visit www.ticketmaster.com.

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