Field Trip – Harborlights, Movie On The Way Down & Elephants at Koto

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Also, Guns of Brighton Play Sammy’s Patio —

Welcome to Field Trip, it’s a little bit like Bars of Lynn, but in Field Trip, we’ll visit Lynn bands playing elsewhere, bands that aren’t from Lynn but practice in Lynn, and maybe share some other out-of-Lynn experiences. (You have had an out-of-Lynn experience, haven’t you?)

Because this is LynnHappens, the story is going to be told mostly in photos.

Saturday night, Lynn-based Guns of Brighton played a show at Sammy’s Patio in Revere with Taking Back Atlantis, Downtown Brown and Devil’s Twins. You may be familiar with Guns of Brighton from this write-up of their CD release, posted April, 2014. Or more recently, their New Music in the Square appearance in August.

Massive thanks to Tracy Monahan for the first two photos, and Pat Santerre for the third.



GoB is a Lynn band, so have a well-stocked bar and a handy clipboard?

Sammy’s Patio – a well-stocked bar with a handy clipboard.

Meanwhile in Salem, I (your Happens editor) was at Koto for the Harborlights / Movie On The Way Down / Elephants show. At least two of those bands lease practice space in Lynn – the third, I’m not sure. Lots of bands around the North Shore pull talent from or practice in Lynn, but few play here because Lynn venues capable of hosting fully amplified rock bands tend to shy away from original acts. It’s especially difficult to play Lynn when you’re more of an indie-rock outfit like Elephants or post-rock like Harborlights, and yet Salem and Beverly have been embracing young new bands.. and Lynn? C’mon. Let’s open the doors! This show was great! The atmosphere at Koto Saturday brought me back to my indie/alternative rock club days in the early 90’s in NYC and Hoboken, and later my Allston “Rock City” days. I bought a CD and T-shirt from the merch table like I was 16 21again. Most of the crowd seemed to be in their 20’s, an age group the city of Lynn has been able to hold onto as well as a sieve holds water.

First act – Elephants

Second act – Movie On The Way Down

Third act – HarborLights

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