Fecteau Leary State Finalist in $2 million Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest

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11/12/15 –

From Fecteau Leary –

Fecteau Leary Jr. Sr. Alternative High School Named State Finalist in the $2 million Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest

Principal Maura Durgin-Scully announced today that Fecteau Leary has become a Massachusetts state finalist in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest, a nationwide competition to increase interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by challenging teachers and students to take topics out of traditional classroom settings and into local communities.

“When I found out we were winners I was so excited” said Science teacher Joe Skahan. “The students and I are very honored to be selected. We feel that our project will have such a positive impact in our local community, especially during the Holliday season, when there are so many young kids in Lynn that have very little. If our project gets selected we hope that we can change that, and give a back to the community we call home.”

Fecteau Leary has moved onto this round of the competition for their interest in using STEM to address poverty issues in the community during the Holiday Season. The goal of the project would be to secure funding to acquire 3-D printers and materials and have students, design, engineer, and create toys to be handed out to elementary school children in Lynn with the most need during the Holliday Season. Fecteau Leary is one of five schools in Massachusetts to become a state finalist in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest. During the next phase of the competition, Fecteau Leary teacher Joe Skahan will create a lesson plan to address the issue in an educational setting. 51 state winners will be announced in December.

This is Fecteau Leary’s first time as a state finalist in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest.

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Valerie Deland

This school and these students are so deserving! What an awesome staff! They go above and beyond for their students! Awesome news!