Bars of Lynn Update

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11/16/15 –

This update is a neighborhood crawl, because sometimes I like to patronize the businesses I cover for this series and I Bars of Lynn responsibly. You can always contribute to the next one by sending photos of your good time out to


The first stop was the Ox, but I only managed to photograph my drink, there – after having a couple of sips, first. The “Hot’n Dirty Pickle” includes Ryan & Wood Knockabout gin from Gloucester and a Maitland Mountain Farm Pickle from Salem. I was literally drinking Essex County – spicy and salty. My favorite drink at the Ox.


After joining friends at their table a while – for a few more drinks, I walked over to Trio’s for live music by Anthony & Cacha cuentos – son y boleros and managed to manually focus the camera pretty well, considering. These photos in color are still monochromatic, only with green from the stage lights. It was better to go black and white.

On the way back to Central Square I dropped in Eclipse, the new place operating at 47 Central. The place would be recognizable to former 47 patrons but has more lounge-style seating. The same DJ booth is now in the back, where the pool table was.


…and over at Cafe Moka, Eugene Maslov was on keys, Bruce Gertz on bass.


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