5 Questions: LeAnn Rimes

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Two-time Grammy award winning singer LeAnn Rimes wants to deck your halls with her all-new holiday album called, “Today is Christmas.”


SD: What’s the meaning of your album’s title?

LR: It’s all about the title track of the album – “Today is Christmas.” People are more giving and connected during the holiday season. The Christmas season places people are on a different level of kindness. Could you image how much better the world would be if we were all as generous and kind all year long?

SD: The album has a mixture of great traditional and new songs. How did you decide which songs to record?

LR: There are always difficult challenges recording a new album especially a Christmas one, because you have to make it your own. Writing your own Christmas songs is a lot easier than making traditional ones your own. With this album, I wanted to give my fans songs they already knew, but also something different. I am really proud of this album. It is modern and old school at the same time. I hope that it will bring lots of joy to the listener.

SD: Do you have a favorite song on this album?

LR: It’s hard to say, because I love all the songs. I loved working with Gavin DeGraw and Aloe Blacc. Every song is a favorite of mine in a different way. The songs that I wrote come from personal experiences. “That Spirit of Christmas” was originally sung by Ray Charles. It really puts me in a Zen mood.

SD: What is it about Christmas that you love so much?

LR: For me, it is the one time of year that I actually can slow down a bit. I can relax and be with my family and just take it easy. It is always nice to know that life can slow.

SD: I’m sure you have so many Christmas memories that come to mind as you recorded these songs. What’s your favorite one?

LR: So many to choose from, but I would have to say my husband (Eddie Cibrian) proposed on Christmas Eve. Definitely, my favorite Christmas memory!

For more information on Leann and to purchase her new album visit www.leannrimesworld.com

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