Bars of Lynn Update (So many things, so many pictures edition)

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It started Friday night with a visit to O’Brien’s Pub on Boston Street for an Alzheimer’s Association fundraiser with music from Time Chamber. The next day, they posted that they had raised $2,827.00.


This next gallery is enormous because I’m too lazy to cull the lesser photos from the somewhat okay ones. It’s fitting, though, because the event was huge. Sophie CK organized a benefit for the Bernie Sanders campaign with Tigerman WOAH and Brownchicken Browncow at Lynnway Sportscenter. LynnHappens is officially neutral so that it can be a “playground” for everyone, but these two great Lynn bands on one bill can not be ignored. Neither can so many young folks interested in politics.

Though BoL wasn’t able to stop by, Cafe Moka sends a clip of The Few Abide recorded by Mark Tseylin. You may recognize Tony Gallo, Tim Foley and John DiTomaso.

Saturday Night FIELD TRIP

Remember the last time BoL took a field trip to Koto? I keep becoming aware of new original acts that practice in Lynn, or whose musicians live in Lynn, but leave Lynn to perform. One of the bands at Koto Saturday night, Greg Allen’s Fringe Religion, has played in Lynn at the Downtown Lynn Neighborhood Association’s openDTL event in 2013. Also pictured from the bill are Two-Saints who like Greg Allen, have a connection with Jerry Nolan and Johnny Thunders(wikis for those unfamiliar). Clash tribute Charlie Don’t Surf closed out the night. I missed openers, The Worried, from Cranston Rhode Island.

Tuesday night, I stopped in at the recently opened Eclipse at 47 Central in Lynn for Wreck Shop Movement‘s new “Takin’ It Back Tuesday’s with The Notorious B.K.S.” Wreck Shop’s more open-mic style event Wednesdays at Opus Underground in Salem has become very popular, and they hope to have the same success in Lynn with a decidedly different “…laid back night of Hip Hop, Neo Soul, R&B and Reggae.” B.K.S. spun a lot of tunes from the 90’s and early 2k’s. This weeks’ featured artist was JuneLyfe, prominently featured in these photos.

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