5 Questions: Robert Davi

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5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

DaviRobert Davi has a remarkable acting resume, but acting was not his first love. He has always loved singing. In 2011, he launched his singing career and released his first album, Davi Sings Sinatra –On The Road To Romance to rave reviews. In honor of his friend, Frank Sinatra, he will help Foxwoods celebrate his 100th birthday.  

SD:  Are you an actor who sings or a singer who acts?

RD: Although, I made a career out of acting I am a singer at heart. I am more of who I am when I am singing. I love acting, but as an actor I am more confined in what I am doing. While studying with Stella Adler, she once said to me, “With your voice, why are you acting?”

SD: Why sing Sinatra?

RD: Besides the personal connection I had with him, I had a need to bring back a message of where the songs came from. His music unities us, plus the depth of my voice was perfect for his songs. His songs are the Shakespeare of America. They got us through the depression and World Wars. His songs translate all over the world. Especially in an Italian household—there was Sinatra and the Pope. His life was in the music. Long before I worked with him, I loved that he was the first artist who fought for social justice. I remember hearing the story of how he decked a guy for not allowing him to enter a restaurant with Lena Horne. He definitely was a class act.

SD: Do you have plans to tour more and are there plans to record more albums?

RD: I am finishing up my next album and I am currently touring the world. I am very excited to be performing at Foxwoods for his 100th birthday celebration. Fun fact – he opened Foxwoods in 1993, so in his honor they are having a 3-day birthday event.

SD: As an actor, you have performed in more than 130 films. Do you have a favorite role or movie?

RD: There is an experience with all of them: good, bad and indifference. For me, you can’t star in a Bond film and not make it your number one. Franz Sanchez was recently named one of the top Bond villain, so that is pretty cool. My career has been great, but the best is yet to come.

SD: The Goonies celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. While filming it, did you have a sense that it was going to be cult classic?

RD: I was getting ready to start filming Rambo: First Blood when my agent called me and said Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg wanted to meet me. I took the meeting and glad I did. Early on, Richard said this film will be the Wizard of Oz of today. I am amazed no matter where I go in the world there are Goonies fans everywhere. It amazes me. I still don’t understand why a sequel was never made, but nevertheless, I am glad that its popularity continues on.

For more information on Robert visit www.davisingssinatra.com and to purchase tickets to see him perform at Foxwoods @ Fox Theatre on December 12th visit www.foxwoods.com

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