Journeys: Montserrat/Operation Bootstrap Show at Visionspace

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Journeys come in many ways at many different times during our lives. We may take these journeys with others, or we may take them alone. Journeys is a collection of work about a journey that two groups of students were able to take together. During the months of September, October and November, students from Montserrat College of Art and Lynn’s Operation Bootstrap worked together to learn from one another.

Together we created works of art that reflect journeys: personal journeys of the Bootstrap students and the journey that Montserrat and the Bootstrap students took together in getting to know each other. These works are personal stories and creations that reflect the connections we made.

Beyond Borders was a class created to “explore contemporary issues of origin, identity, integration, and communication as they relate to immigration.” Montserrat students worked to share their creativity and expertise. We taught and made art with and about the Bootstrap students that we got to know. We were given no restrictions to form and we focused our work in a medium that we enjoy.

As viewers move through the exhibit, we hope they keep in mind the layers and experiences that the work is expressing. These projects are the product of human connection between two groups of people on their own journeys, sharing this time together.

Montserrat’s Beyond Borders class would like to thank Marissa McQueeney and the students of Operation Bootstrap for their time, their stores and most enjoyable company.

Interested? Contact the Visionspace Gallery at 339-883-1375

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