The Sun Sets on 2015

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From LynnHappens editor, Seth Albaum –

Keep reading to find out the most popular LynnHappens post in 2015.

LynnHappens began in 2008 looking quite different and changed to this format July of 2009 as a place to connect area bloggers, post city council video and do a round-up of what bands are playing where in Lynn any given weekend. Needless to say, it’s grown and changed a bit since then.

Many folks have stopped blogging, their musings and rants absorbed by facebook, twitter and instagram. Yet, “Lynn Blogs” still appears in the above menu. It’s nice to have it there just in case, and as a way to easily access those posts from the past. But should it be nudged out by some other feature in 2016? Some things worth reflecting upon:

  • Signs of Lynn gave way to Bars of Lynn, and Breakfasts on Lynn never made it past its first post. (People seemed excited about Breakfasts of Lynn at first, but then who wants pictures of themselves eating?) Some things catch on and others don’t. Bars of Lynn will continue with updates now and then, and is always open to your photo submissions via email and facebook. We’ll see what’s in store for 2016. I have many ideas but limited time.
  • 2015 was the year LynnHappens launched New Music in the Square. We’re proud to announce that we’ll back for the Summer of 2016 with more original acts and that we’ve received a Lynn Cultural Council grant to make it even better! Stay tuned. It’s great to be a part of all that’s happening in the Downtown Lynn Cultural District.
  • Steve Duffy has been providing great interviews with his 5 Questions series and reviews on a weekly basis.
  • The calendar has come a long way since version one. The new calendar, which went live this time last year, made the Weekend Rundown, which was really just a way to make up for the old calendar system’s shortcomings, obsolete. However, the calendar is only as good as the information that’s sent. So, send it! In 2016, your business (or you, personally – if you’d rather) can sponsor the calendar and enable LynnHappens to hire a calendar editor to nag all the venues reluctant to email their entertainment schedules for free publicity. Just picture the “[Your Name Here] Calendar.” A more complete calendar of events benefits all who are on it, and all who use it. To accomplish that, LynnHappens needs your help.
  • The most popular post in 2015? This one.


Thanks to everyone who read or watched something on the site, who shared a link from the site, and to the advertisers over the past year who made it possible.

What would you like to see in LynnHappens this coming year? Be reasonable – I have a day job! But suggest away in the comments below.

Seth Albaum
editor, LynnHappens


Downtown and Nahant taken with 1956 Jupiter-8 Soviet lens adapted to a modern camera.


Downtown and Boston taken with 1950’s “Made in Occupied Japan” Canon lens adapted to a modern camera.

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