Tigerman WOAH, American Echoes, Meaghan Casey at ‘Buke

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Saturday night at the Buchanan celebrated Tigerman WOAH guitarists’ Jonathan Feinberg’s birthday and five years since the band began playing the exciting establishment at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Avenues in Lynn.

The lineup included American Echoes, made up of twins Laura and Nina Ganci, as well as solo performer Meaghan Casey.

Unlike shows in town (Boston, Cambridge, Somerville), the audience was solid for all three acts. I’m often one of a handful of audience members when a first act goes on, but there was none of that awkwardness at the ‘buke. The crowd, made up of 20-somethings to those who remember the Carter administration, was mostly attentive throughout the night. Sure, they may have got there early because of the space’s limited capacity, but “whatever works.” It’s part of the reason Buchanan Cafe makes a great venue for up-and-coming and homecoming bands. Also, you have to give credit to Tigerman WOAH for their contribution to making Lynn excited about new music again.

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