5 Questions: Melissa Etheridge

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The two-time Grammy winner and Oscar winner Melissa Etheridge is bringing her “This is M.E.” tour to the Lynn Auditorium Friday.


SD: You released your new album, This is M.E. on your own. Was there any hesitation doing this?

ME: In the last few years, the record company I was signed to was really tightening up on what they were releasing, so I took a leap of faith and decided to release this album on my own. I really needed to spread my wings and fly. I have a robust following around the world and I really wanted to continue giving my fan the music that they have come to love. It was really a fun experience and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

SD: What’s the best part about owning the entire process?

ME: I learned a lot about myself as an artist and as a human being. I also collaborated with others in the music industry that I wasn’t able to work with before? I felt this album was a reflection of how these people saw me as a musician. It has really been an awakening for me and I can’t wait to start on another album.

SD: What can you tell me about the music on this album?

ME: It has the heart of what I am of as a singer/songwriter: the pain, joys, hopes and desires of my soul and a lot of great guitar work.

SD: As one of the first openly gay female musicians, what do you want your legacy to be?

ME: I hope that people will say that I helped to change the world. I never felt comfortable being in the closet so I just talked about it. I just want us all to continue to be open to new experiences and be more understanding and accepting of others. We live in an exciting and diverse time and we should never shut out new opportunities or experiences.

SD: Any New Year’s resolutions?

ME: I don’t make any New Year’s resolutions, I make New Year’s intentions. This way I don’t have to stick to them [she laughs]. I will always strive to be brave and dream big, which is something that I believe everyone should do all year long.

For more information on Melissa Etheridge visit www.melissaetheridge.com and to purchase tickets to see her at the Lynn Auditorium on January 15th visit www.ticketmaster.com

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