PSA: Beware of Cats Seeking Warmth in Parked Vehicles

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From Angela Donahue of Lots of Love Cat Rescue –

Congress Street CatThis handsome young man was keeping warm in a vehicle that started. He fell out of it on Congress street in Lynn and fractured his pelvis. He could not walk and was stuck. As cars were driving around him to continue about their business until one of our volunteers stopped immidiatley when she saw him.

He was seen by several vets within the first hour of rescue. The very first thing he did when he was let out of the cage was crawl into my lap and start purring.

He needed to then be rushed to the emergency vet for 24 hour watch as he may be hemorrhaging in his belly. His estimated hospital stay currently is $1800.00 and this may be more if he does require surgery. Please help us save this boy. He is one of the sweetest cats for all that he’s been through. He also was not fixed with no microchip and FELV and FIV positive. He has an amazing spirit and will have a wonderful life if we can help him through this. Thank you for your support!


Lots of Love Cat Rescue

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