MassDOT Study Highlights 107’s Dangers & Deficiencies

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A Public Hearing hosted by MassDOT happened at Salem High School Wednesday night in what appeared to be a gymatorium, or an audinasium, to discuss a study of a particular stretch of State Route 107.

The audience of Salemites and Lynners (probably two-thirds Salem) was shown a series of slides with traffic and accident data from Western Ave. and Chestnut Street in Lynn through Highland Avenue’s end at Salem’s downtown. A few of those intersections rank among the highest for accidents in the state, which the crowed seemed to already know. In addition, the presenters talked about the lack of sidewalks and other impediments to pedestrians and bicyclists.

To learn more and access presentation PDF’s you can visit the Route 107 Corridor Study here at

You can also share your experiences and opinions regarding Western Ave. / Highland Ave. here at The survey closes January 31st, but has been out for some time, first published on LynnHappens in August, 2015.

The entire meeting is split into two approximately one-hour clips and is worth watching, even if you need to skip around, to get some idea of what MassDOT is doing to hopefully improve the vital corridor. During the question and answer portion, it may be difficult to hear. The one-speaker public address system the school provided was inadequate and audience members were not provided with mics or even assisted listening devices (for ADA compliance.) Just turn it up!

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