5 Questions: Tracy Morgan

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Tracy Morgan is appearing at the Wilber February 20th and 21st

2/10/16 –

5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

Tracy Morgan Photo: Paul Mobley

Tracy Morgan
Photo: Paul Mobley

I had the recent pleasure of interviewing actor and comedian Tracy Morgan. 18 months after the car crash that left him critically injured, he is ready to get back to his stand-up roots. He is very excited to be back in Boston and share some laughs with his fans.

SD: How did it feel to perform for the first time post-accident?

TM: Exhilarating! It is like getting a fresh start. I was ready to come back. I am very exciting to be touring again. It is a wonderful feeling to be back out on the road. I am so grateful for all of the well-wishers and the outpouring of kindness from all my fans.

SD: When was the first time you realized that you had the talent to make people laugh?

TM: It happened back in 1968, when my mother’s water broke at 4am. I was ready to come into the world and nothing was going to stop me.

SD: What is your favorite part about performing stand-up?

TM: The laughter! There is nothing more energizing or infectious as listening to people laugh. As long as I am making people happy then I am happy. I love that my fans let me be me. Nothing more nothing less.

SD: As an entertainer, what are your thoughts on the Oscar controversy?

TM: I have no thoughts about it. I was not nominated so it is none of my business. There is so much more important stuff going on in the world right now that we need to worry about. I came out of a coma 18 months ago, so you tend to look at life a little different than before. I know what really matters now.

SD: What can your fans expect to see and hear at your Boston show?

TM: Me! [He laughs] Me just being me and getting to be funny for all my fans. I am so happy to be back and sharing in their laughter.

To purchase tickets to see Tracy perform at the Wilbur theatre on February 20th & 21st visit www.thewilbur.com

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