Bent Water Brewery Opens Tap Room

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3/7/16 –

Bars of Lynn visits Bent Water Brewery’s new tap room, located just off the Lynnway at 180 Commercial Street.

But first, we need take care of Signs of Lynn.

Bent Water opened in what used to be a part of…

old Lynn Lumber signage

photographed for Signs of Lynn in 2012

In that portion of the complex now sits a national pet store chain not compelling enough to photograph, but head into the lot and drive down a little and you can’t miss the Bent Water sign on your right, especially at night.


The bolts light up one at a time. Must return with a tripod to make an animated gif.

Inside, you’ll be treated to this classic neon sign for the Tic Toc Lounge (a little info here) Courtesy of Dave Waller, owner of the Prime Building downtown.


A piece of Boston’s Jazz history, in Lynn

Getting more to the Bars of Lynn part…


Eric & Tiffany McCormick at the taps. Eric McCormick managed the build-out of the Brewery and tap room, sourced the tanks, canning equipment etc., through his consulting company in Oregon, and then was so impressed by Bent Water he decided to move east to work directly for them.


A fresh pour


Celebrating: “Wizard Behind the Screen” Aaron Reames, “Brew Taster” Noah Erikson, “Head Brewer” John Erik, “Senior QA Engineer” David Pulaski, “Technology Lead” Carlos Leopoldo


In addition to this shuffle board, there’s a Pac Man table arcade game and two televisions. The main attraction, however, is the beer.


An American flag is draped over tanks made of American steel at an American factory.

Marks Design and Metal WorksAmerican Made Tanks For American Made Beer"

Marks Design and Metal Works
“American Made Tanks For American Made Beer”


Serious business.

That concludes the b&w portion of the tour.


This isn’t American steel. This is American concrete, uniquely made for Bent Water. Only ones of their kind on the East Coast, if I’m remembering that correctly.


This brew monitoring system comes with a smartphone app. – like “Nest” for beer making.


Canning machine is uncanny at the moment.


The other side of the taps!

For hours, what’s on tap, and what’s in stores, visit


Hops! There was something fancy about them and they smelled amazing.

Back in the tap room...

Back in the tap room…

Tell Matt and Priscilla LynnHappens sent you!

Tell Matt and Priscilla LynnHappens sent you!

Bent Water Brewing is currently looking into a festival on site this summer. Stay tuned.

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