High Rock Tower Lighting Demonstration

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3/10/16 –

What was up with High Rock Tower last night? This –

Centerboard brought along Joey Nicotera of Retonica to set up a temporary demonstration of what could be if folks in City Hall are interested and grant money can be secured. Imagine lighting the tower for local sports teams, holidays, weather alerts (our own John Hancock?) or even just because. Another benefit of lighting the tower is, of course, public safety in the park.

The Hutchinson Family Singers once owned the property, built the original tower (burned in celebration of the end of the Civil War), and gifted the property to the city. President of the Friends of High Rock Tower Douglas Anvil Judge says, “…in the original lease from the Hutchinsons there is a mention of lights.” Likely, they never imagined energy efficient LED’s.

Short video by Jason Taglieri of Olde Soul Photography

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