Works by Local Artists on Display at State House

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On Monday, March 21st an exhibit previously on display at the Lynn Museum featuring works by artists from Lynn and the LynnArts building officially went on display outside the Senate Chamber at the Massachusetts State House. What was called Present Tense at the Museum is now Present Tense2.

Senator Tom McGee, Museum President Drew Russo and Jolene Kelly of LynnArts/Lynn Museum made it happen. Lynn is the first city to have its artists represented outside the Massachusetts Senate and is paving the way for other cities and towns to rotate through future exhibits.
Three hundred and fifty more to go.

Added 3-25-16 5:52pm – Video of remarks at the reception by Senator McGee and Museum/LynnArts Director Drew Russo. The very beginning was cut off – the same camera was used for still shots.

Photos of the opening reception in the gallery below are either by Bob Bond (whose work is also in the exhibit) or LynnHappens editor Seth Albaum (as watermarked or stated underneath).

Here’s a list of artists whose work is on display –

Jocelyn Almy-Testa
John Bakos
Bob Bond
Ken Coder
Christie Connelly
Cat de Leon
Yetti Frenkel
Priscilla Hathaway
Kate Luchini
Andrew H. Martensson
Wayne Nickerson
KC Pierce
Barry Ridlon
Leslie Fahn Rosenberg
Brian Shea
Laura Wilhelm
Martin Whitkin
Arlene Zubris


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    Thanks Seth.

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    Congrats to all! 👍

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