City of Lynn Earth Day Raffle with Goodwill

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4/21/16 –

From City Recycling Coordinator Julia Greene –
Wondering what you can do to mark Earth Day and make a difference, but you don’t have time to participate in one of the cleanups around the City?  Clean out your closets and donate to a charity that collects textiles, like Goodwill for instance.  Almost 100% of textiles worn or torn can be recycled, but only 15% get donated–the rest go into landfills or up in smoke at incinerators like the one in Saugus.  According to the E.P.A., reuse of clothing and shoes is better for the environment than glass and plastic recycling combined.  So, don’t put that stained shirt or ripped sheets in the trash,  Donate!   As long your donations are clean and dry–they can be worn, torn and stained.  Enter the Goodwill Earth Day Raffle by filling out the attached raffle ticket and donating at their drop-off center in Swampscott next to Stop & Shop in Vinnin Square between April 22-May 1.  The Goodwill Drop-off centers are staffed and are open 7 days a week from 8 am-4:30 pm.

Happy Earth Day


Click on the image to view full-size in new window and print. LynnHappens points out the irony in using paper for Earth Day, but hopes that Goodwill recycles.

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