5 Questions: Ian Halperin

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#1 New York Times bestselling author and investigator Ian Halperin pulls back the curtain on America’s notorious Kardashian family—exposing their shaky foundation for fame—one shocking revelation at a time.


SD: Why did you choose the Kardashians for your latest book?

IH: They are a pop culture phenomenon. Even though they are everywhere, people want to know more and not just what they tell or show us, but people have the right to the truth. After watching episodes of their show, I was brain dead. Its amazes me that this family just shows up out of nowhere and bypasses everything and becomes famous because of a sex tape.

SD: What is it about the Kardashians that still fascinates people?

IH: They could be me, they could be you. The TV audience lives vicariously through them. I find it appalling that teenage girls are fascinated by them. I have known and worked with some legendary Hollywood icons would never insult a fan and the Kardashians do. Kylie Jenner recently was in the news for yelling at a young fan. They are ticking time bombs and need to be better role models.

SD: When it came to interviewing people for the book, was there a variety of people who liked, disliked or at least respected them? And how do you sort through the truth and lies?

IH: Sourcing for participants was easy because I have been working in the industry for so long.  All my sources are creditable and verifiable. I wish I could say that people in the industry like them, but there are so many that truly disliked them. My book is accurate, fair and honest about who they really are. Honestly, I was surprised to find out how many people in the industry dislike them.

SD: The Kardashians are everywhere. Are there any startling revelations in your book that we don’t already know about them?

IH: Many! Beginning with the release of the sex tape coordinated by Kris Jenner. She also knew about know about Bruce wanting to transition to a woman. At one point, Kris tried to put him in a religious conversation center. For the continued success of the family, she really tried to suppress his transition. I find it funny that when Bruce killed Kim Howe in the auto accident all of sudden news of his transition to Caitlyn surfaces. This was used to misdirect the media’s attention away from Kim. There needs to be justice for Kim.

SD: Is the relationship between Rob / Blac Chyna part of the Kardashian puppet show or is it something out of Kris Jenner’s plan?

IH: I definitely believe that Blac Chyna has an agenda. She wants to be bigger and better than the Kardashians and she is smart enough to do it. Kris and the family don’t know what to do with her and it scares them. They want her on their side so they can control her, but again she is smart enough not to let that happen. She is a threat to the Kardashian brand and could be the one person to bring them.

For more information on Ian visit www.ianundercover.com and to purchase his new book “Kardashian Dynasty” visit www.simonandschuster.com

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