5 Questions: DL Hughley

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5 Questions: DL Hughley

DL Hughley

5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

Stand-up comedian D.L. Hughley is best known as the original host of BET’s “ComicView” and as the star of the ABC/UPN sitcom “The Hughleys.” He is performing in the Comedy Get Down tour coming to the TD North Garden June 24th.

SD: Please tell us about Comedy Get Down.

DLH: We started back in 2014, after George Lopez called a bunch of us cats to help him put on a benefit concert for the king of comedy Richard Pryor. He wanted to raise money to have a statue of Pryor erected in his hometown of Peoria, Ill. It has definitely been a fun and wild ride.

SD: What is it like sharing a stage with these gods of comedy (Cedric the Entertainer, George Lopez, Eddie Griffin, and Charlie Murphy)?

DLH: I am amazed by each and every performer who I share the stage with while on this tour. We have some of the funniest comedians in the industry.

SD: How has your material /comedy routine changed over the years?

DLH: It changes, because people change. Society and the things that we do and see are always changing, so I need to keep my routine fresh and making sure that I am performing material that is relevant.

SD: How do you like being back on television and how did you prepare to play Dr. Hackett on your new NCB show “Heartbeat?”

DLH: I love it! Being back on TV is awesome. “Heartbeat” is such a great show and I work with an amazing ensemble. I just channel my own psychiatrist and remember the times that I spent with him. [He laughs]

SD: You have been married to your wife for 30 years. That is not the norm in Hollywood. What is your secret?

DLH: First and foremost, she is my friend. I always love her no matter what even when I don’t like her at times.  She is an amazing wife and mother. My old man gave me this advice before I got married, “eat what she tells you to eat, and go where she tells you to go.”


To purchase tickets to see the Comedy Get Down tour on June 24th at the TD Garden visit www.tdgarden.com

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