American Latino Committee Announces Festival on the Common July 30th

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At a press conference this morning at Lupita’s Restaurant on Munroe Street community leaders, volunteers and area business owners introduced the newly formed American Latino Committee and announced the Viva Latino America Festival. It takes place on Lynn Common July 30th, 2016.


From the press release supplied by community organizer Juan Gonzalez (pictured center, holding t-shirt):

“According to City Data: Hispanics are 32.1%, 29,013 people in a population of 92,137 people but, the question remains: Where do we come from? What do we do? And how do we locally participate?”

“…we have to reflect about where we are heading as a Latino community within the city and for the city.”

“That is why, with a lot of enthusiasm and in an effort to show our social contribution the American Latino Committee was born with the need to represent more actively the Latino populations in the city through different spheres.”

The American Latino Community will be made up of local long-time Lynn residents from El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala with responsibilities, engagement, social contributions as well as economic and political force. Some of them are experienced in different organizations and others have the desire to participate and bring about a better social contribution. “It is time to have more … representation,” said Juan Gonzalez, founder of ALC.

The ALC will have its first gathering on July 30, 2016 from 3-6 p.m. at Lynn Commons, where we will  be celebrating the diversity and culture of different Latin American countries. This being the first of its category, we are expecting a great participation including local restaurants….”

“We will have a marimba-ethnic instrument of Guatemala, folkloric music from Peru, as well as dancing groups from El Salvador and Dominican Republic.”

“ALC would like to invite the residents of the City of Lynn to this event and all of its local official authorities to this first time gathering that truly shows the commitment that the community has in being more involved and demonstrate that we are part of the progress and economic development of the beautiful Lynn.”

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