5 Questions: Neil Sedaka

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Neil Sedaka performers at the Lynn Auditorium on Monday, August 15th.

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Neil Sedaka has had an impressive career that ranges from being one of the first teen pop sensations of the 50’s, a relevant songwriter, a superstar in the 70’s, and remaining a constant force in writing and performing presently. This is all thanks to the countless songs he has written, performed, and produced that continue to inspire artists and audiences around the world.


SD: What do you think of today’s music, compared to what you grew up with?

NS: Today’s music is less melodic and over produced. Although, I do admire Sam Smith, John Mayer, Bruno Mars.

SD: The music industry has changed so much since you started. How have you embraced these changes?

NS: I still have a loyal fan base that keeps me on the road. I do have a new album, “I Do It For Applause” (which will be available exclusively on CD at www.neilsedaka.com and for digital download and streaming on August 12th), which features 12 new songs and my original symphony “Joie De Vivre”. My fans love what I do, so I keep on doing it.

SD: When reflecting back on your career, do you have any regret?

NS: That I never got to play Madison Square Garden. But, there’s still time.

SD: What do you think has been the secret to your long career?

NS: Always trying to raise the bar and reinvent Neil Sedaka. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my fans for their continued support and love, without them I wouldn’t still be performing.

SD: What can your fans expect to see/hear at your upcoming concert?

NS: My fans can expect to hear the hits and a few songs off the new album. Come prepared to have a fun time. I want the audience to dance and sing along.


For more information on Neil visit www.neilsedaka.com and to purchase tickets to see him perform on August 15th at the Lynn Auditorium visit www.lynnauditorium.com

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