Letter: Yes on Question 4

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The following is a letter sent by Christine Lowe: YES ON QUESTION 4

Massachusetts would be more progressively liberal if the YES on Question 4 wins. More states are likely to adapt the strategy and policy of legalizing marijuana in the future. Recently, there was a media outlet that published about majority of democrats do favor legalization and this may occur in blue states. Overtime, more state elected officials may likely to demand similar policy that Colorado has completed due to benefiting the residents and certain states that may also need to close loopholes on their budget especially if legalization is not done in a federal level. Legalizing medicinal marijuana and recreational use would help states that have huge deficits and debts. The revenues for the sales would help fund necessary projects and this includes infrastructure, improve on taking actions with social policies, fund schools, etc. Passing the amendments and bills in regards to this topic would actually help the state an! d its residents. In the article, Pot sales may rake in $8.2B by 2018, retail businesses may likely to earn more profit and revenue in regards to the sales of marijuana. The revenues that are earned would continue to give the opportunity to fund more schools and help close loopholes on the state budget.

Christine Lowe, MA

Useful info: To learn about Question 4 and other questions on the November Massachusetts ballot, visit Ballotpedia.

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