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Congressman Moulton’s Campaign Sets up on the Common to Catch Voters

On Monday, August 15, 2016 volunteers and staffers from Representative Seth Moulton’s office set up a tent on Lynn Common with voter registration forms and the usual campaign buttons and stickers. Normally, this is not something you’d see photos of in LynnHappens, but the idea of registering and pre-registering voters as young as 16 while luring them out with the popular game is what makes it worthy of our attention.

Pre-registering to vote? “They fill it out and we submit.” says Moulton volunteer Gunnar Vincens. “The only major difference is a pre-registration letter. Once they turn 18 they get a polling location letter.”

Pre-registration is new – very new. *It went into effect in Massachusetts August of 2016, joining ten other states that allow 16+ registration and five states that pre-register at age 17.  Secretary of the Commonwealth William Francis Galvin’s website says, “Though you must be 18 years old in order to vote, you may pre-register to vote once you are 16 years old.” Just as any other registered voter, however, pre-registrered voters must submit new forms in the event of a change of address or party affiliation.

Volunteers weren’t just interacting with young folks glaring at screens, though. People of all ages were encouraged to come to the table to register, or if already registered, to sign a contact list for Moulton’s campaign.

Of course, we have photos. Two galleries – the first by Susan Ogan, a professional photographer and volunteer for Seth Moulton. Below those, the Happens photos.



*(M.G.L. Ch. 52 §42)

**Congressman Seth Moulton is not in a contested race. ***LynnHappens is not affiliated with any political party. ****LynnHappens wants you to register to vote and to participate in every election.

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