Photos from Session 9 of New Music in the Square

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For session 9 last Wednesday, September 7th, we had Tim Foley & Sergio Bellotti and The Cosmic Vultures, who were originally scheduled for August 10th, but rescheduled due to rain, concluding our 2016 season.

Before we get to the massive amount of great photos (and a couple of videos), let’s give some thanks to those who helped make the second season of LynnHappens New Music in the Square possible.

First, let’s thank our generous sponsors. Without them, we couldn’t pay the bands.Thank you to the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce, Lynn Community Television, Eastern Bank, Lynn Museum/LynnArts, the Downtown Lynn Neighborhood Association and the Lynn Cultural Council, an agency of the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Sponsors had their logos on a banner in front of the bands, ads on the LynnHappens sidebars, and mentions in every post about New Music in the Square. Please consider being a sponsor for the next season or simply purchasing an ad on LynnHappens to help us in promoting Lynn’s music scene and everything else LynnHappens does.

Thank you to the band members who showed up early to help with setup and stayed late to help with breakdown. Thank you to all the photographers who made NMITS the best photographed event in Lynn (in my opinion). Thank you to the Item and the Lynn Journal for each covering one of the Wednesdays. Thank you to Lynn Community Television for both sponsoring and covering one of the Wednesdays. Thank you to everyone who came out to the island in the square as audience. Thank you to the City of Lynn for allowing it all to happen there.

These photos are by artist, photographer and LynnHappens intern Emilie Errié. Examples of her art can be seen on her website.


These photos, as well as the two excellent videos, are by Chi Alto – Simply Music by C/A


Photos by LynnHappens –

See the full schedule of who played the last two seasons of New Music in the Square.

See photos and some videos from the past two seasons of New Music in the Square.

Interested in playing New Music in the Square or another LynnHappens produced music event? First, write and perform your own music. New Music in the Square is interested in showcasing original talent from all genres. (A couple of covers are okay.) If you do that, get in touch, here.

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