Migliore Requests 5 Debates in Letter to Wong

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This scanned image of a letter was just sent by email to Representative Wong and to local press outlets by Democratic Nominee to the 9th Essex District Jen Migliore. The email states, “I will be sharing this request with the press.”

Migliore is challenging Republican incumbent Donald Wong in a race to be the next State Representative for parts of Lynn, Saugus and Wakefield.

In the open letter, she proposes “…a series of five Lincoln Douglas style debates between now and November.” along with a list of local news outlets as suggested mediators.


Editor’s note: Street addresses and contact information not blurred because – a)Street addresses appear on public ballots and are public information for candidates and elected officials. b)It is shared as the candidate intended without interference, bias or judgement from LynnHappens.

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