A Night at Walnut Street Cafe

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The Secret Sea was headlining a night of music at Walnut Street Cafe last Saturday, one of six performers, some from nearby, one from New Hampshire, and the furthest distance traveled was by The Secret Sea, who Matt Minigell met touring the West Coast this summer. The Secret Sea is Portland Oregon resident Amit Erez, who just the night before, played Pete’s Candy Store in NYC.

It’s not uncommon for the small West Lynn cafe to attract talent from afar as they’re passing through on tour, in part due to the pedigree of the local folks who frequent the place. Lynn’s Don White, for example, has brought in Christine Lavin for a show, who he frequently tours with throughout the country.

Tonight (September 23rd, 2016) at Walnut Street Cafe, Nick Zaino is appearing with Prateek Podder.

The completely lineup of musicians (pictured below) on Saturday, September 17th – The Secret SeaMatt Minigell, Lauren HurleyAnnabelle Lord-Patey, Campbell Fackre and Ken Gordon.

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