Sorry for the downtime. LynnHappens was hacked.

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A message from Happens-quarters:

A few days ago, the server hosting LynnHappens was compromised. Web-pirates (hackers) got through or around a two-stage login and server firewall. Nothing they did had any impact those who simply viewed LynnHappens. They, whoever they were, were likely aiming to use the server and/or vulnerabilities in the code that runs the site to launch attacks on much larger targets, such as those DDOS attacks that are all the rage these days, for example. Whatever they had in mind, it was nothing personal against LynnHappens.

The site was put in a quarantine folder so the bad interweb pirates could not use it to do harm, which is why you may have noticed it was down, and then brought back online after a service “cleaned” the code.

New safety measures are now in effect to reduce the risk of such an attack from happening again.

Apologies to anyone who received a 404 or 403 “error” trying to load LynnHappens when it was down.

We’re back in business.

Seth Albaum

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