United Way’s North Shore AmeriCorps Team Takes Pledge of Service

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United Way’s North Shore AmeriCorps team joined over 1,000 AmeriCorps members today at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston for “Opening Day.”  The United Way AmeriCorps team members who will be working this year in Lynn and Salem today took their national “pledge of service” at a Mass Service Alliance event headlined by U.S. Representative Seth Moulton and the Commonwealth’s First Lady Lauren Baker.

North Shore AmeriCorps

United Way’s North Shore AmeriCorps Program places 25 AmeriCorps members in schools and community organizations throughout Lynn and Salem to provide academic and social emotional support to 500 English language learners and their families. This program helps students build the skills necessary to overcome challenges and barriers in learning and improve academic outcomes. Last year, 75% of students supported by an AmeriCorps member through United Way’s program demonstrated improved academic engagement, and over 60% showed increased performance in core academic classes.

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