Our Attempt to Document Election Night

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One final post on the 2016 election. Last night, photographer/intern Emilie Errié and I (your editor, Seth Albaum) along with Ryan Robbins figured we’d hit up a few local watering holes to get reactions as results came in.

I wanted to stay within close proximity to City Hall, and only strayed to go to the Porthole, where we knew there would be a large crowd for Police Chief Kevin Coppinger awaiting the results of the Essex County Sheriff’s race (which he won).

First, a brief commentary that has nothing to do with this election. In 2008 and again in 2012, there were more people gathered around TV’s in bars and restaurants downtown. Last night, most were closed by 10pm. Even with all the progress made in downtown Lynn, we’ve lost late night options. Sure, it was a Tuesday, but it was a Tuesday in ’08 and ’12. A city of this size can and should do better for late night options in its downtown. Positive late night activity can help keep the neighborhood safe. I’m not talking about the nightclubs and “problem” bars of years past. Times have changed. The importance of having a vibrant downtown after sundown can not be overstated.

Surprised to find few people willing to talk on camera – and too few people downtown – we spent most of the evening at the Porthole before calling it a night. We were lucky to catch up with unopposed State Representatives Brendan Crighton and Dan Cahill at the Porthole for photos and commentary on video.

These photos are by artist, photographer and LynnHappens intern Emilie Errié. Examples of her art can be seen on her website.

Photos by LynnHappens editor Seth Albaum –

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  1. Calvin Anderson
    March 21, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    Seth, next Election Night, tune in to LCTV…our LIVE!, nearly 2 hour program this year was stimulating and informative, as the panelists discussed the ballot questions, office races, and turnout, and offered some results as they trickled in. We had a ball in the studio with pizza, apple cider, and Fluffernutter Sliders ! I hosted and panelists were Marven Hyppolite, Dolores DiFillippo, and Rick Starbard. Watch for announcements for Election Night 2017 will be observed, and tune in to LCTV anyway, all the time ! — Calvin Anderson

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