5 Questions: Kenny G

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5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –


In a recording career that spans almost three decades and 23 albums, Grammy® Award-winning saxophonist Kenny G has grafted elements of R&B, pop, and Latin to a jazz foundation solidifying his reputation as the premiere artist in contemporary jazz. He will be performing many of his career hits and as well as songs of the holiday.

 SD: At what age did you realize that playing music was going to be your career?

KG: I was 17 years old when I realized it. I was playing with Barry White while still in high school. It was super and I was getting paid. I thought I could make a career out of this.

SD: Why did you choose the saxophone?

KG: I saw someone playing it on the Ed Sullivan show and wanted to try it.

SD: I read that you still play your high school saxophone. Why do you still use it?

KG: I am and I love it! It is a great saxophone. It’s been a part of me and my sound for so long, I’ll probably never stop playing it. 

SD: Where did you draw inspiration from for your newest album “Brazilian Nights?”

KG: Jazz saxophonist Stan Getz. I have been listening to “Getz for Lovers” nonstop for years. 

SD: It is always more exciting to tour when there is a new album?

KG: It’s exciting to tour whether or not there is a new album out. I’m always excited to get on the road and share my music with my fans. 

SD: How did you find your own style of music to play?

KG: I like to use the word “Jazz.” I’m a saxophone player who plays instrumental music. My style is more of a controlled style of jazz.

SD: Does touring this time of year take the fun out of Christmas for you?

KG: No, we are very proud to make other people’s holiday season special. For me, it is very satisfying to be able to enjoy the holiday season with my fans. 

SD: What can your fans expect to see and hear at your show?

KG: The first half of the show is going to be music from my past records and the other half will be Christmas songs. My wish is that the audience will leave the show in good cheer and full of holiday spirit. 

For more information about Kenny, visit www.kennyg.com. To purchase tickets to see him perform at the Shubert theatre on December 8th visit www.bochcenter.org

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