33 1/3rd Thursdays Vinyl Show and Tell with LynnHappens

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LynnHappens editor Seth Albaum has partnered with White Rose Coffeehouse to host a monthly vinyl night every third Thursday from 7pm to 10pm.

The next 33 1/3rd Thursday is December 15th (facebook event listing)

It’s structured like an open mic. People bring a few records and there’s a sign-up sheet. When it’s someone’s turn, they’re called up by the host, given an opportunity to talk about their selections if they wish, and then the host helps to cue and play them.

There’s also a featured album-side every month, just as an open mic may have a featured performer on a given night. 

Albaum explains, “Even though we’re playing records on a turntable, we’re not calling this a DJ night. That’s hard for me, because I’m also a DJ, but I want to set the right tone. 33 1/3rd Thursdays is a vinyl show and tell. It’s about the music, the format, and also about the community that forms around a love for records.”


Over in the UK, the BBC reported that in the last week of November, sales of vinyl records beat out digital sales. Forbes Magazine has also published articles about increasing sales of new and used vinyl.

“In talking about the event, I make sure to mention the availability of new music on vinyl because people are often surprised that you can buy new records. They think they don’t make them anymore, but they never stopped. And now, the record pressing plants can’t keep up with demand.” says Albaum. “And for older music, used vinyl is affordable. A used turntable is affordable for most young folks. If you have a little more money, there are still many new turntable manufacturers out there. It’s accessible. You can buy records at a Salvation Army.”

“In the Winter months LynnHappens is not doing New Music in the Square,” says Albaum. “33 1/3rd Thursdays is something we can do indoors and people can participate in it.”

Albaum talks up the featured album-side



The monthly event, named for the revolutions-per-minute of an LP, will be every third Thursday at White Rose Coffeehouse, 56 Central Square. It kicked off last month with a full house and was followed by a story in the  Huffington Post written by Susie Davidson.

There’s a facebook group for the monthly series, here.

The following photos are by photo-intern Emilie Errié. More of her photos and examples of her art can be seen on her website.


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