5 Questions: Andrew Lipke of Get The Led Out

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5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

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Get The Led Out is a group of musicians who are passionate about their love of the music of Led Zeppelin. It’s been their mission to bring the studio recordings of “the mighty Zep” to life on the big concert stage. This is not an impersonator act but rather a group of musicians who were fans first, striving to do justice to one of the greatest bands in rock history.

SD: How did Get the Led Out form?

AL: Well, the current lineup has been together for over 2 years now. Paul Sinclair and Paul Hammond kind of founded the group. Over the years, there has been some member changes, but we are pretty settled now. It is great to have a group now who really wants to focus on the sounds that were produced in the studio album recordings. 

SD: How did you become a Led Zeppelin fan?

AL: My first experience was when I was around 11 years old and I was in the mall store (a store like Spencer’s) and they had a Led Zeppelin poster. I liked it and bought even though I didn’t know who they were. After doing some research, I started listening to their music. I was already playing guitar and the first song I learned to play of theirs was “Stairway to Heaven.” I was already into Pink Floyd and Metallica, so their sound wasn’t too far of a jump for me. 

SD: Are there any Zeppelin songs that were the most challenging to replicate?

AL: A lot of them are. Trying to create the sound that they created in the studio for the stage can be very challenging. The great thing is that now there are so many tools that didn’t exist when we first started.  I now have an Apple tool on my laptop that helps me recreate the sound that they created in the studio. The entire process is so much easier than back in the day.

SD: Have any of the guys in Led Zeppelin seen or given feedback to Get The Led Out?

AL: An acquaintance of the group was delivering a Martin guitar to Jimmy Page’s house. During a brief conversation with him, Jimmy told him that he had watched some of our videos and thought we were doing a fine job. 

SD: When you are not listening to Led Zeppelin music, who are you listening to?

AL: Don’t laugh, but I love classical music. That is what I am now listening to most days. My favorites are Bach and Mozart. Honestly, I love all kinds of music. I love Radiohead, Metallica, and Pink Floyd. 


For more information about Andrew Lipke, visit www.gtlorocks.com. To purchase tickets to see Get The Led Out perform at the Lynn Auditorium on January 13th visit www.lynnauditorium.com

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