Lynners Voice Concerns at City Hall Following Recent Violence

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Tonight’s Human Rights Commission meeting was a rallying point for Lynners to go down to City Hall and voice their concerns after the recent spate of shootings.

Although, the Lynn HRC is not, in its charter, able to call the police forward, Chief Leonard Desmarais walked from the Police Station to City Hall willing to take part. But, according to open meeting law, the commission could only follow the publicly posted agenda, which was written prior to the recent violence.

The small crowd gathering in room 402 ready to take part in a forum was still given the opportunity next door in the Council Chambers, thanks to new Council President Darren Cyr. Unable to attend himself due to another meeting, Cyr made brief remarks and then Brian LaPierre (at-large) and Peter Capano (Ward 6) took the reins, with Chief Desmarais there to answer questions. (It was not a publicly posted meeting – there was not enough time – and had six or more councilors been present, it would have been a violation of open meeting law for not having been posted.)

In the audience were representatives from Stop the Violence: Lynn, One Community One Voice, and others who contributed to the conversation in this video –


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