Arts After Hours to Host Valentine’s Day-Themed Fundraiser

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From Arts After Hours –

Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, patrons are in for a sweet treat at Arts After Hours’ annual Snow Ball on Saturday, February 11, 7-11 PM at the Lynn Museum, 590 Washington St. The event features hors d’oeuvres, desserts, cash bar, fun activities, dancing, and live music from The Free Downloads, a high-energy cover band whose song list encompasses pop from yesterday and today, and who can be heard in the upcoming movie “The Comedian” starring Robert DeNiro.

“The Snow Ball will have something for everyone, whether or not you’re in love at the moment,” says Managing Director Corey Jackson. “Bring a date or bring a group of friends! This is a fun event and an important fundraiser to help sustain Arts After Hours’ mission.”

Guests will be able to send special-delivery messages to other guests in the room, arrange for love messages over the microphone, and step into the photo/kissing booth. “People will also create their own pro or con love messages from the most outrageous collections of magnetic poetry we could find,” says Jackson.

The Snow Ball also unveils Arts After Hours’ seventh theater season, which will explore characters that fall outside the bounds of society. “The outsiders presented in this season’s productions are exiles from their homes, their families, their kingdoms, and themselves – or they never quite fit in from the beginning,” says Jackson. “They symbolize how we all fight to find our place in life, to recapture what was lost, or to create a new normal.”

To reserve tickets or learn more about the event, please visit, call 781-205-4010, or visit Arts After Hours’ Facebook page.

The mission of Arts After Hours is to engage and transform downtown Lynn through the experience of live theatre.

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