“Old and New: Barry Ridlon, New England Impressionist” at LynnArts

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Story and photo by Holly Dow –

The show will be up through March 10th and all pieces are for sale.
LynnArts is at 25 Exchange Street
and open Tuesdays – Fridays 10AM to 4PM and Saturdays 9AM to 1PM.

     Barry Ridlon’s art show “Old and New Paintings” had an opening reception at the Lynn Arts building on Exchange St. on Saturday, February 18th.  The show features New England images in oil and water color paint. Art lovers of different ages were in attendance.

The New England impressionist has over 50 pieces of all sizes displayed. This includes seascapes, landscapes and still life arrangements.  Most locals will be familiar with the places and scenes depicted in the paintings.  His subjects include Salem architecture, Rockport Harbor and Gloucester scenes. Ridlon’s paintings are not just limited to the local area either. The paintings include snowy Vermont and Maine light houses as well.

Barry Ridlon’s paintings capture New England at its best. His paintings display the beauty of the region in all four seasons. Everything from stormy seas, to spring flowers, to holiday fun a can be found in the paintings.

Ridlon, a valuable member of the Lynn Arts community since 2003, will have this show from now until March 10th.  All pieces on display are up for sale, Prices start at $75 but as Ridlon puts it, “Prices are negotiable.’ 

The Lynn Arts building is generally open Tuesday through Friday 10AM to 4PM and Saturday 9AM to 1PM. The building is conveniently located in Central Square at 25 Exchange St. across from the Item building.  It is easily accessible by bus and train. 

For more information, visit the Lynn Museum/LynnArts facebook page or www.lynnmuseum.org

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