Lynn Police Warn of Scammers Preying on ICE Fears

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In this release, the Lynn Police also say there have been no ICE raids in the city.

A message from the Lynn Police Department –


There are rumors being spread that there have been ICE raids recently throughout the City of Lynn. In view of the extensive rumors of massive deportations due to new immigration policies the Lynn Police Department would like to stress that there have been “NO” ICE raids in this City. The Lynn Police Department denies such rumors, and wishes to remind the Lynn immigrant population that the presence of the Immigration Department has remained the same as in past years.

The Lynn Police Department is aware that there may be people who are trying to profit off the climate of fear by pretending to be ICE agents and demanding money to prevent an arrest. Please be aware if anyone is told that paying “an agent” to prevent an arrest is presented to them it is a scam. If anyone comes to someone’s home claiming to be an agent of any type the residents should call the Lynn Police and ask if it is true. Your cooperation is needed, and we suggest that you always carry your identification card with you and that you report any crimes to your local authorities such as domestic violence, drug dealing, and extortion among others.

The City of Lynn has a working relationship with ICE and its agents. ICE agents check in with the Lynn Police Department before coming into our City and inform us about their location and whereabouts. The ICE agents have warrants for their specific targets and as a courtesy to the Lynn Police Department ICE arrests are transported into the Lynn Police Station for documentation prior to being transported to a Federal facility.

The Lynn Police Department is committed to join forces with the immigrant communities and strengthen security in the community and fight crime. Lynn residents can call the Police Department in advance to verify that ICE is at a certain address. The Lynn Police Department will continue with its mission to protect citizens and does not play the role of immigration officers.

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