Moving and Shaking with Justice Born of WRECKSHOP Movement

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by Carla Scheri –

Justice Born is a community organizer dedicated to equal opportunity and social justice. To that end, he formed WRECKSHOP Movement, a collective of socially aware musicians, writers, artists and makers. The mission of WRECKSHOP is To Unite, Educate and Empower.

The short-term goals of the movement are to continue to build momentum and offer more creative opportunities. The ultimate goal is to find a permanent place to call home. This will help WRECKSHOP create an open community space and fuse social activism with the creative economy. Justice expanded on a current idea being explored. “We want to build a silk screening t-shirt business that WRECKSHOP will use to make our shirts, then also offer the co-work space to local artists, businesses and makers to come in and do their shirts. We will then offer free classes to teach kids a marketable skill, all the way from idea to design to the actual making of the product.”

Justice Borne in LynnArts
photo: Carla Scheri


WRECKSHOP holds free workshops every Tuesday in the Lynn Arts Gallery located at 25 Exchange St. in Central Square. Wing Chun martial arts class is from 4-5 and break dancing practice is from 5-7. “There is definitely a need for space to create in Lynn and when the Lynn Arts opportunity came up I thought if it’s there let’s get something going.” says Born.


Other WRECKSHOP events include the annual 2 day Bridgin’ Gaps music and art festival held in August at the Salem Willows Grandstand and the Art in the Park event that takes place on the Lynn Common.

WRECKSHOP plans to keep building coalition and bring together creative types, grassroots groups and non-profits. They will keep growing, stay positive and accomplish social good, all while enjoying a sense of community that comes through art and music.

As with all social enterprise, raising funds is imperative. To help offset costs, WRECKSHOP holds publicly attended events with a cover charge. This helps the movement to self-fund all of the free activities that it offers to the community, especially the youth. When asked how people can get involved, Justice has this to say; “The need for promoters is pretty big right now. The more people we can get spreading the word, the more successful our events will be. The more success we gain, the more people we can help and that’s what keeps us going.”

For more detail on the wide range of WRECKSHOP’s North Shore events, visit To contact Justice Born directly, email him at The majority of WRECKSHOP’S events are free and all are invited to attend.

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