LCTV in New Digs on Union Street

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Lynn Community Television, which was temporarily housed in City Hall, finally has a home at 181 Union Street, downtown.

Though not completely finished, the studio is operational and programming is already being created in the new space. Director of Operations Sean Donahue hopes the empty walls will eventually be filled with artwork by partnering with other local organizations.

Studio programming can be seen on their youtube channel, on Comcast Public Access Ch. 3 / Govt. 22, and on Verizon Public Access Ch. 38, Govt. 37.

For more information on LCTV or to become a member, visit

Upon entering, Director of Operations Sean Donahue was making a note of something in the new reception area.

Programming Director Pedro Diaz, Jr. and Head of Productions Management David Riley, Jr.

The show, “Frankly Speaking” in the new studio.

Sean Donahue helps an LCTV member with editing.

Conference space for production meetings and more.

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