Letter: Parents Seek Time & Place for Tiny Mites

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To Whom It May Concern,

      I am writing this letter on behalf of myself and the other parents of the East Lynn Tiny Mites. My child has had a dream to play on a football team for as long as he could walk and talk. Finally the year had come when we could sign him up for East Lynn Pop Warner and we couldn’t have been more excited. Unfortunately the experience has not been as fulfilling as we would like it to be. It is hard to look forward to a game when you don’t know who or where you will be playing until 2 or 3 days prior. It also has not been a pleasant experience driving 45 minutes to an hour (without traffic) to other pop warner fields that have a beautiful facility and we don’t even have a patch of grass in our city that we are invited to play on. These children are 5 and 6 years old and I understand at times we will need to travel but it should not be a weekly occurrence – especially at the age level where children have the least patience. Myself along with other parents are very frustrated that we are paying the same amount as the rest of the pop warner teams and do not have access to the same facilities without paying an extra cost that East Lynn Pop Warner is willing to pay for the other squads. Between the 21 boys on our team we have put in 4,200 and want to know where the money is going. I understand that FINALLY we have been given somewhat of a schedule for the next three weeks and it would be difficult to change those dates/times. That being said, we have two unscheduled games left for the end of October and we are requesting they be held at Manning Field. It is only fair to the parents and the kids that they get the same treatment as the rest of the older children playing for East Lynn Pop Warner.



Kerry McNulty

Tell us what you’re thinking! Opinions are welcome either in short-form in the comments below or long-form to editor@lynnhappens.com.

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  1 comment for “Letter: Parents Seek Time & Place for Tiny Mites

  1. Suzanne Chapman
    March 13, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    So parents are paying $200 per child, and you were not told what the money is for? My boys were not involved in football (which was OK with me, being the worrier that I am) They played soccer and baseball, and I remember my husband and I trying to get them to two different places for practice and games. It was tough sometimes. As for thinking that football was so much more dangerous than other sports………….my son was pitching a game and got hit smack in the head from a hit. He went down and I thought I was going faint or throw up, or maybe even both (but I didn’t) So anything can happen in any sport.
    At five years old, I don’t think the kids can do too much damage to each other. A kid I knew took a tough tackle (as a teenager) and couldn’t feel his body for what seemed like a very long time. Fortunately he was all right, but his mother nixed football right after that .
    Back to the subject at hand. You and the other parents have a right to know exactly what you spent that money on. If none of the parents know, you should ask. Kids’ sports is a lot more complicated (and expensive) than it used to be.
    Good luck.

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