5 Questions: Julie Arvedon Knowlton

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5 Questions is a series by Steve Duffy –

Julie Arvedon Knowlton


Julie Arvedon Knowlton along with her partners in the business have over 25 years of casting experience in the Boston market. They are always looking for new local talent who want to break into show business.


SD: What can you tell us about Slate Casting?

JA:   Slate is a full service casting company based in Boston. Together with my partners Ashley Skomurski and Aaron Kahl, we cast for film, TV, commercials, voice overs, web, live events, theater, print, real people- basically any project that needs talent.

SD: Is there anything you would want actors to know coming into a casting call?

JA:  The most important thing is to have a positive attitude coming in.  People like to work with happy, positive people.  If you’re in a good mood, it will show.  Be confident- casting directors are on your side. We want you to get the role!

SD: What are some of the qualities you look for in an audition?

JA:  There are a few things to remember, no matter what the audition is for.  I like it when people are prepared for the audition.  If you receive a script in advance to read at the audition, please take the time to work on it before you get to the audition.  It’s no problem at all to hold the script during an audition, but often times we like to see eye contact with the camera and that’s hard if you haven’t taken the time to be familiar with the script.  Also, be open to making adjustments to your audition. We love to show your range as an actor, so if we ask you to try something different, go for it!  Also, even in this digital age, clients often like to look at resumes and headshots. So, if you have one, feel free to bring copies to the audition. I like to see them too!

SD: What makes a good movie extra?

JA:. It’s so much fun to work as an extra!  Think of all the movies you see with lots of people at a mall, or at a park or a carnival.  Now, imagine what that same scene would look like with no one there. Extras make a huge difference!  Communication is key.  If we email you checking for your availability, please get back to us as soon as you can.  If you’re not available, that’s ok- we just need to know. There’s nothing worse than saying you can work and then cancelling at the last minute.  That stresses everyone out.  We love putting people in the movies, so if you’re available, let us know!

SD: What other services does Slate Casting offer local actors?

JA:  In addition to casting services, we also offer a range of classes for all ages and levels of experience. Ashley teaches On Camera Auditioning for Kids ages 8 – 17 and Aaron teaches an On Camera Acting Techniques Class for Adults that covers everything you need to know to have a successful audition.  I also teach a class called Before the Slate for people interested in learning how to become an actor in Boston.  I talk about all the tools you need, resources in the city, where to find auditions, how to market yourself, and what to expect at your auditions.  It’s a great class for parents too who have kids interested in this business.

For more information on Slate Casting visit www.slatecasting.com

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