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After being laid off, Christina Luca started baking – and people started buying. She dreams of opening a small cafe, but you can order her from-scratch pastries now at


The Little Green House came about purely by accident. A few years ago I got laid off, had major financial issues, some significant health issues, and to top it off, it was Christmas time. I found myself sitting at my kitchen table one night with a cup of tea and a boat load of sadness. After praying for a few minutes, I had an idea. I love to bake. Baking comes easy for me. I will bake pies.

I decided that if I was going to bake, it was going to be from scratch, nothing from a can, nothing frozen. My pies were going to be made the way my grand mother made them. My pies would have no artificial ingredients or preservatives, just good old fashion goodness.

So, I did a little Facebook thing hoping that maybe friends and my church family will buy a few, and then I could get a few things for my granddaughter. Then, I needed a name. Well, my house is very little and it’s green. That’s how Little Green House Bakes was born.

Well I did sell my pies, and then dessert breads were added, and then cookies and whoopie pies and the whole thing took off. I then realized that I better figure out how to run a business.

I worked with Score on my business plan, the Commission for the Blind (I’m legally blind) to get technology on board, the Enterprise Center in Salem to utilize their free business classes, and got my serve-safe certifications. I applied to the city for my residential bakers permit. Lisa Tobin was extremely helpful answering the five thousand questions that I had, and after three years, here I am.

I am a third generation Lynner. I love my city and now I have a way to give back. 

My dream is to open a small cafe where the seniors can come have a cup of coffee or tea, a piece of something yummy and socialize. I want to give a parent someplace to bring their child for something a little special and affordable. I want to a child to bring me an “A” on a test paper and get a free cookie or sweet and a glass of milk. For some kids there is a long time between school lunch and supper.

I don’t want fancy, I don’t want to get rich, I just want to be able to give back to my city. I want to show that we are a community and we care. Every cent that is made is one cent closer to making my dream come true, for myself and my city.

Christina Luca

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