Michelle La Poetica, Creative Force of DENCITY at Walnut Street Café

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Michelle La Poetica, aka Michelle Richardson is the creative force behind DENCITY at the Walnut Street Café on Monday and Tuesday nights.  If you take a creative risk in front of her she will hold the space for you and be your champion. As she says on her twitter @LaPoetica, “ I refuse to lower my standards to accommodate those who refuse to raise theirs. I AM and ALWAYS will be ME…shame on those too blind to see! “ She reminds us all to bring our top game, share our best energy, and work hard to build the community around us to accommodate true diversity, and true understanding. In today’s divisive world, this is a priceless gift. When Michelle introduces a performer she warns the crowd to put on their seatbelts and says “ Maaaannnn Listennnnn..” and we do.

At a DENCITY night “you can expect to feel smooth music, love, light, good vibes and positive energy as it flows freely…it’s all about making a connection”. The evening begins with socializing, and poetry prompts. Michelle provides a background of soulful music with the skill of a professional DJ. Music ranges from Reggae, Roots Reggae, Dancehall, Old School, Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata, Reggae en Español, R&B, Neo-Soul, Chill/Dub Step and anything else you can think of that’s slow and mellow.

Michelle sets a relaxed tone for the evening.  When she is ready to start the open mic, she welcomes each individual them to the stage with the warmth and encouragement of a skillful MC, community organizer, and poet and activist.

If you are curious, the only way to find out what DENCITY is truly about is to come and see for yourself. You can listen, experiment with a poetry prompt, network with other creative people, and when you are ready, take a turn at the mic.

If you know someone that is talented, artistically skilled, feeling down, trying to get in touch with their creative self…BRING THEM HERE…because here we come to heal…re-boot…reset and enjoy the beauty of artistic expression, exchange and collaboration…

Michelle La Poetica

photo by Jennifer Lawless


This is a Love & Light Zone…

We welcome all types of art and creative expression…

In all languages and any genre…

Come through…

Brave the open mic and share a piece of your soul with us!

The #5 is symbolic of POWER…

Being able to creatively express yourself IS A POWERFUL THING!

So everyone will have 5 minutes to OWN THEIR MOMENT…


Hosted By: Michelle La Poetica

Live Music provided by our House Band, Pangea’s Soul
featuring: Shira Moss – Percussion. Musicians are welcome to bring instruments and jam with the band.

aaaaand then comes the DENCITY POETRY SLAM!!!!

Go to our group page on FB to learn more!!
DENCITY Poetry Slam and ArtBeat

DENCITY and other arts events are on our calendar at walnutstreetcoffeecafe.com, and on Lynnhappens calendar as well.  The Walnut Street Café is located at 157 Walnut in West Lynn.

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